Jeffrey K. Bye

Jeffrey K. Bye

Lecturer, Educational Psychology

University of Minnesota

I am a Lecturer in the Educational Psychology department at the University of Minnesota, as well as Affiliate Faculty of the Learning Informatics Lab and Faculty Member of the Center for Cognitive Sciences.

My academic background is grounded in cognitive science and experimental psychology. As an undergraduate at Pomona College, I received a BA in Cognitive Science with a subconcentration in Computer Science and minor in Philosophy. I then received my MA and PhD in Cognitive Psychology at UCLA, with a specialization in Computational Cognition.

My research blends cognitive science, learning science, and educational psychology approaches to understanding how people learn and think about math and data. I also love teaching, and have taught as instructor or teaching assistant for over 10 years. During graduate school, I was president of Psychology in Action, where I also blogged and organized five interdisciplinary symposia.


  • Math Learning
  • Mathematical Cognition
  • Causal Learning
  • Open Source Programming
  • Open Science


  • PhD in Cognitive Psychology (Computational Cognition), 2016

    University of California, Los Angeles

  • MA in Cognitive Psychology, 2011

    University of California, Los Angeles

  • BA in Cognitive Science, 2009

    Pomona College